Enkusero Sampu Conservancy treasure rich legacy of Masai culture. Conservancy project helps to preserve authentic Masai lifestyle and maintain original traditions. Project strengthen the mutual solidarity and collectiveness. Variosity of Masai culture will greatly impress each visitor who step over the Enkusero Sampu borders.

Enkusero Sampu

Conservancy project

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Donate your financial means to Piggy Bank of your choice. Receive feedback of project results and track online the project status. Each coin counts!

Select from opened Piggy Banks on and channel your means in project you trust.

Help to enable Enkusero Sampu to persist and protect values with cross-border impact.

Give us a helping hand and provide us with your experience or labor. Support our project by leading complex project areas or deliver simple task at time. Work from abroad or support Enkusero Sampu Conservancy on spot.

Help us to make ESC visible, translate webpages to local languages or help us to build water supply facilities. There are no limits for volunteering inititaives.

Shop original handmade products of Masai inhabitants, such us belts or wristbands. Support local producers of traditional fashion. 

Liven up your clothing by unique accessories and give yourself remarkable look.


Establish a ling term meaningful partnership with Enkusero Sampu Conservancy. Sign up for values ESC protects and support the project.

Demonstrate your (Corporate) Social Responsibility and gain public respect for your deployment.

Get advertising space as a partner of ESC not only on webpages but also on other ESC materials.

Contact:  enkuserosampuconservancy@gmail.com